Jeremy Corbyn is “Sunshine” for David Duke

If Jeremy Corbyn ever gets gloomy, he needs to remember that he is “sunshine” for so many people.

The notorious racist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, for example.

Last September Duke invited James Thring, a fellow antisemite, to a radio interview.

Duke flags the interview this way:

He then brought on Dr. James Thring from Britain, who talked about the new leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn was elected over the weekend despite a massive smear campaign by Britian’s Zio-establishment over his association with anti-Zionist activist like Dr. Thring. Corbyn’s landslide victory in the leadership election can be viewed as a positive sign that understanding of the harm being done to the world by Zionism is spreading.

Duke was certainly well pleased, telling Thring in the interview:

We must keep looking for the sunshine and I do believe we are going to find the sunshine in this world. I think things are opening up. And one encouraging thing that I see, now this, let’s go into this, Dr Thring. I know that you’re a friend of Mr Corbyn and I know you respect his positions on the Middle East.

Duke then laments the “Marxist roots” in Corbyn’s circles, naturally, but overall Corbyn is good because he must be bad for the Jews:

It’s a really good kind of evolutionary thing, isn’t it, when people are beginning to recognise Zionist power and ultimately the Jewish establishment power in Britain and in the western world, isn’t it.

Thring, who has introduced himself as a “long-standing friend” of Corbyn, agrees with Duke. There is much to celebrate – the Jewish plots are failing and left and right can unite, Thring says:

We’re beginning to realise, because people like me and people like Jeremy are coming together over Zionism and the Jewish power, well, he’s not really terribly, he doesn’t mention Jewish power actually but, you know, it’s obviously behind in his mind. Because of that, I think it’s beginning to dissolve the differences that naturally exist between those people who are wealthy and those people who aren’t, which generally characterised the Conservatives over here in England and the Labour party.

And so that’s quite a useful thing because by characterising us in one or other of those camps they’ve managed to keep us fighting each other rather than them. So by dissolving those artificial divisions, I think it’s quite possible that we’ll see an opening of the eyes on who’s really behind the scenes.

I mean, I do see it already. I think it’s quite clear from people like Jeremy and some of the people he’s chosen for his cabinet, like John McDonnell and people in the Lords as well. They do know who’s really running the country and they’re itching for an opportunity to both make it open to the public and b) to do something about it.

The whole interview can be heard here. The exchange noted above starts at eight minutes in.

Thring, you may recall, is also the man who spoke at an event in Parliament hosted by Corbyn in 2014. He was introduced at the event by name and applauded by the audience.

James Thring

Don’t let them get you down, Jeremy “Sunshine” Corbyn!

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