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Race to destruction

So which political party is self-destructing faster: Donald Trump’s Republicans in the USA or Labour in the UK?

Owen Smith, Jeremy Corbyn’s challenger for Labour’s leadership, managed to say something so stupid that it gave Corbyn the opportunity to sound like a hard-headed realist by comparison.

Asked in a televised debate whether the terrorist group, which controls large areas of Iraq and Syria and has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in the west, should be allowed to join talks about resolving the conflicts in the Middle East, Smith said “all actors” should be involved.

By contrast, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who has sometimes been accused of being too willing to associate himself with extremist groups, said Isis should not be allowed to take part in talks. “No, they are not going to be round the table, no.” Later a spokesman for Corbyn criticised Smith’s remarks as “hasty and ill-considered”.

The ironic thing is that if, in some alternate universe, Trump was elected president and Corbyn became prime minister, they would probably find more to agree on in terms of foreign policy than Hillary Clinton and Corbyn could agree on.


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