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They deserve each other

I’m usually a critic of moral equivalence, but I will make one exception:

Those on the Left who justify violence or rioting to shut down Donald Trump’s speeches or to assault his supporters– as opposed to persuading them that Trump is a fraud who won’t do a damn thing for them– are the moral equivalent of Trump’s white nationalist and Jew-baiting fans.

Update: Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have spoken out against the anti-Trump violence; but Sanders, to his credit, has been so far more forceful and specific.

“Violence is absolutely and totally unacceptable,” said Sanders, after a press conference on the jobs market with former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. “If people are thinking about violence, please do not tell anybody you are a Bernie Sanders supporter, because those are not the supporters that I want.”

Contrast that with Donald “I don’t have a message to the fans” Trump.

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