Jeremy Corbyn defended Stephen Sizer linking to antisemitic websites as a “technical oversight”

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party has suspended various members for calling for population transfers of Israelis to America, comparing Israel to Hitler or ISIS, and making anti-Jewish comments or conspiracy theories suggesting the Jews were behind 9/11. In response, he has annouced an enquiry into antisemitism, and the people making such comments have been suspended pending investigation.

But come now, let us end the pretence and answer honestly: what does Jeremy Corbyn really think of such investigations?

Cast your minds back a few years, and you’ll remember that the Church of England decided to investigate Stephen Sizer, after he had:

  • Commended a call for the Jews to “get the Hell out of Palestine
  • Suggested that the Jews were behind 9/11
  • Cited Holocaust denier Dale Crowley
  • Cited Holocaust denier Michael Hoffman
  • Cited 9/11 truther Michael Collins defending Holocaust denier Dale Crowley
  • Travelled to Iran as a guest of the Iranian regime, having been invited by the same man who previously invited Robert Faurisson on an expenses-paid tour
  • Spoke at an IHRC conference aiming towards “a new liberation theology on Palestine” – alongside Rima Fakhry of Hezbollah and terror advocate Achmad Cassiem
  • Shared a platform with Holocaust denier Fred Tobin
  • Supported the IHH flotilla
  • Suggested a boycott of Greece after they blocked another Gaza flotilla
  • Hosted a speaker at his church who thinks suicide bombers are martyrs
  • Agreed that Hamas had every right to “hit back” against the West
  • Linked to antisemitic website The Ugly Truth
  • Had tea with Sheikh Nabil Kaouk, commander of Hezbollah’s armed forces in Southern Lebanon
  • Had tea with the Blood Libel Sheikh, Raed Salah, whom Jeremy Corbyn brought into Parliament
  • Had tea with the granddaughter of Ayatollah Khomeini, Zahra Mostafavi
  • Toured Malaysia speaking about Palestine, following an invite from a Holocaust denier
  • Posted a link to Veterans Today, which dismisses the Holocaust as an “Israeli psy-ops operation”, denies the gas chambers, defends Hitler, sneers at “the Jewish crooks on Wall Street”, publishes pieces by Gilad Atzmon, and says of the Jews, “they should wholly be burnt in ovens”.
  • Posted a blog link to the Palestine Telegraph, which supported the writings of ex-KKK leader David Duke.

Here was Corbyn’s spirited defence of Stephen Sizer, in a letter to Sizer’s bishop back in 2012:

Dear Right Reverend Christopher Hill

I am sorry to hear that problems have arisen, for Reverend Stephen Sizer, at least in part due to a technical oversight in terms of computer links, though I understand that the problem has now been rectified. I hope it was no more complicated than that.

Reverend Stephen Sizer seems to have come under attack by certain individuals intent on discrediting the excellent work that Stephen does in highlighting the injustices of the Palestinian Israeli situation, in particular by his very thorough analysis of “Christian Zionism”. Might I suggest that such criticism is part of a wider pattern of demonising those who dare to stand up and speak out against Zionism, a philosophy that precludes the existence of the state of Palestine?

Your own expertise, wisdom and experience will, I am sure, allow you to appreciate just how much distance exists between anti Semitism, anti Zionism, and anti Israeli government actions for that matter. Overzealous critics find it convenient to conflate them all. Active and well informed individuals such as Reverend Stephen Sizer, withstand a considerable amount of inappropriate criticism. Indeed many MPs and Peers are also attacked.

The internet is a complicated piece of technology and with the best will in the world, imperfect links are made and one would have to spend 8 hours a day “surfing” the net just to be 100% certain one’s views to not become contaminated in any way at all. Even then, connections can inadvertently be made.

I do hope you’ll take the above into consideration when meeting with Reverend Stephen Sizer today, for I do admire the excellent work that he does and personally, I would give no credence at all to any claims that he is anti-Semitic.

With kind regards

Jeremy Corbyn MP

Islington North

Draw your own conclusions.

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