No UK visa for PSC guest speaker: terror-supporter Manal Tamimi

Terrible news for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which had planned to invite Manal Tamimi to the UK for “Nakba Week”, but now writes:

Unfortunately Manal Tamimi was not granted a UK visa, for administrative reasons and so is no longer able to come to the UK for her speaking tour. Many of her scheduled dates will go ahead with alternative speakers.

Tamimi was scheduled to speak in Parliament on May 11th. The idea of a supporter of terrorism and murder such as Manal Tamimi speaking in Parliament is frankly sickening, and any political figures lending her their support ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Manal Tamimi lives in Nabi Saleh, where she is part of a “non-violent resistance” campaign that rather likes violence. Manal is part of the social media team. The New York Times reported in 2013:

Soon Tamimi Press morphed into a homegrown media team: Bilal Tamimi shooting video and uploading protest highlights to his YouTube channel; Helme taking photographs; and Mohammad e-mailing news releases to 500-odd reporters and activists. Manal, who is married to Bilal, supplements the effort with a steady outpouring of tweets (@screamingtamimi).

Petra Marquardt-Bigham wrote about the nature of these tweets, in The Tower:

In October of last year, she excitedlytweeted, “A new #intefada #Jerusalem, a strong clashes taking a place now at the old city and Zionist IOF losing control, I hope all of them gonna die.” In August of this year, she announced to her more than 3,000 Twitter followers: “I do hate Israel, i do hate zionisim, i wish a thrid Intefada coming soon and people rais up and kills all these zionist settlers everywhere.” In mid-September, she pleaded: “Please, please God, third Intefada #Al_Aqsa_ressist.

Here are some more of those tweets.

She calls for the deaths of Israelis:

As recently as January of this year, she praised terror attacks in Tel Aviv and Hebron, whilst taunting Israelis about a “Hebron Sniper”:

She is proud of the murderer Muhamad Shafeq Halabi, who stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem, and wounded a mother and her toddler:

Yay for Hamas rockets!

She glorifies terrorists as “lions” and “lionesses” and “heroes”:

Of course she wants Israel to be destroyed:

Nabi Saleh’s Tamimi clan is notorious for its support for Ahlam Tamimi, who drove a suicide bomber to a restaurant. Ahlam was delighted to hear how many children she had killed.

The Financial Times reported in 2011:

In the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, the site of weekly protests against Jewish settlements over the past 18 months, the family of Ahlam Tamimi was also preparing for her release. In the main square, large photos of Ms Tamimi were hung, along with Palestinian and Fatah flags. Ms Tamimi is one of the more prominent prisoners to be freed. She received 16 life sentences after being accused by Israel of helping to plan suicide attacks, including one on a Jerusalem pizzeria in 2001 when 15 Israelis, seven of them children, were killed.

The New York Times noted that Manal Tamimi justified the murder carried out by the Nabi Saleh villager Said Tamimi, and refusing to denounce Tamimi terrorists who shed blood:

In 1993, Bassem told me, his cousin Said Tamimi killed a settler near Ramallah. Eight years later, another villager, Ahlam Tamimi escorted a bomber to a Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem. Fifteen people were killed, eight of them minors. Ahlam, who now lives in exile in Jordan, and Said, who is in prison in Israel, remain much-loved in Nabi Saleh. Though everyone I spoke with in the village appeared keenly aware of the corrosive effects of violence — “This will kill the children,” Manal said, “to think about hatred and revenge” — they resented being asked to forswear bloodshed when it was so routinely visited upon them. Said, Manal told me, “lost his father, uncle, aunt, sister — they were all killed. How can you blame him?”

Manal Tamimi was invited by the PSC into Parliament, and thankfully denied a visa.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a patron of the PSC, and the PSC’s push to bring Tamimi into Parliament is huge cause for concern.

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