MPACUK admit the Holocaust happened!

Here’s a nice little Facebook post from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK.

The comments are as one would expect:

I had thought the standard MPACUK line was that the Holocaust never happened. I have this impression because the group’s founder gave money to infamous Holocaust denier David Irving.

Of course MPACUK haven’t been shy about sharing antisemitic images on their website in the past. So it’s good to see that they are at least admitting it actually happened. I suppose then that one might call this progress.

Ironically, though unsurprisingly with a photo of Holocaust survivors, there are likely to be plenty of Zionists here. Most Jews made their way from Europe to Palestine any way they could and then fought tooth and nail to have a state of their own where they’d be free.

Look on the second bunk and count seven gaunt faces in from the left and you’ll see the haunting face of the future Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel staring back at you.

So congratulations to MPACUK not only aren’t you sure whether the Holocaust happened you’re now using the images of world famous Zionist Jews to make a point that Muslims are on their way into the gas chambers.

One wonders whether they’re actually going to get around to doing any…you know, public affairs work at some point. Perhaps they’re under the impression that having a go at people is the same thing as public affairs work.

Raza Nadim is now in charge of the outfit. I guess that’s why the MPACUK website is devoid of any content. Here’s Raza defending the convicted terrorist Afia Siddiqui and defending his mentor’s line about Muslims being crap for not wanting to demonstrate with him for the release of murderers.

He doesn’t shy away from calling Al Qaeda terrorists “brother” and “sister” including Abu Zubayda, the man the Americans claim was the number 3 in al Qaeda, a man sentenced to death (in absentia) by Jordan before 9/11 when he plotted to murder a bunch of Israeli and American tourists.

Apparently there can be no peace until there is peace for terrorists. Who’d have thought?

Here he is having adopted his mentor’s lessons of attacking Muslims whenever you can:

One wonders at what point he’ll realise that no one wants to get behind him and his bizarre campaigns of hatred because they’re…well…bizarre campaigns of hatred. I think we all know the answer to that is never. Raza is doomed to become an old age pensioner who still believes in conspiracy theories, like the Zionists running everything and the Muslims being rubbish because they don’t believe his nonsense.

And we’ll keep watching.

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