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Tarik Hassane and thanks for Cage and its circles

The terrorist support group Cage should be thanked for its exemplary services to the country.

No, really. If you want to understand the extremist scene, including terrorism, simply see Cage’s bluster. It’s not just about ideology and politics either. They are also a handy guide to dangerous individuals.

Tarik Hassane is the latest. He’s been in the news this week:

A man has admitted plotting to kill British citizens in a series of Islamic State-inspired drive-by shootings in London.

The first defendant, Tarik Hassane, 22, dramatically changed his plea part way through his trial at the Old Bailey.

He admitted conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts just as the defence was about to start.

Ah. Look back to October 2014, when Hassane and three others were arrested. Cage had a typical fit:

Many of those raided and arrested are then released without charge, something that achieves scant mention in the press. These young men become criminalised, and their lives tarnished with the broad brush-stroke of ‘terrorism.”

Debunking the mass hysteria surrounding Tarik Hassane: “Sections of the media have failed to question the police’s activities and have instead sought to cast Tarik Hassane as guilty before proven innocent, something supported by claims made from MI5 that an ISIS terror plot had been uncovered. Such claims give further credence to a belief among many that Muslims have become a suspect community.

One of Tarik Hassane’s friends said to CAGE: “My friend Tarik is a very laid back and funny guy. He likes football and has never had problems with anyone. He is also very focused on his studies and had long term plans to get married.”

Uh huh. Here’s a picture of “laid back” Tarik, which he shared with his fellow Suhaib Majeed, who is still on trial.

Indeed, weapons were found when his group was arrested.

Thanks for the heads-up, Cage!

Other extremists can also be counted on for help. Try hate preacher Haitham al-Haddad’s Islam21C website. Real Muslims must stand up for “innocent” Tarik Hassane, it said in article in October 2014 titled “Embarrassing truth of Tuesday’s “terror” arrests”:

Instead, the Muslim community must raise their voices in unison and campaign to end the attacks aimed at innocent Muslims. The following should serve as a reminder that Muslims must show unity during these troubling times; the Prophet described the Muslim nation as unique and that their honour was only established when they were all safeguarded from trouble [12].

For this reason, Muslim organisations, community leaders and Imams must fully support the campaign to help release Tarik, and the other Muslims falsely arrested on Tuesday. While some from the Muslim community are happy to embrace secular values, and follow a government set agenda by condemning anything they feel does not follow their interpretation of “Britishness”, those who follow an orthodox interpretation of Islam must make a stand by campaigning and defending their fellow Muslims, not because they are told to by the government, but because it is a religious and moral obligation to do so.

5 Pillocks are also reliable. The article cited above also appeared on their website in October 2014. It has been taken down but is still available in web archives. This version of the article was titled “Justice for Tarik Hassane – A politically motivated arrest by a police state”.

The author of the article was named as Amar Alam, apparently the same man who works for MEND, another extremist outfit.

I don’t think it’s quite time for a gong for Cage. But if it keeps going, the group and its fellow loudmouthed extremists really should be commended for helping us not just to identify the problems but to zero in on the terrorists.

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