Stoppers,  Terrorism

Stopper Lies and “Heroic Resistance”

Stung by people seeing it for what it is, the “Stop the War Coalition” has reached for one of its favourite tools: lies.

They can be seen in this press release. Let’s look at the first statement on the list.

1. The STWC has never supported the Assad regime. Just as we never supported the Taliban, Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi. Only in the minds of ‘them or us’ pretend patriots does the opposition to our own government’s wars mean support for dictators or terrorists.

Oh really? You have seen prominent stopper Chris Nineham’s salute to the “resistance” in this post. The stoppers and the jihadis are a team. This is the line on record.

Now have a look at another episode in Mr Nineham’s grubby career for further evidence. This video is from a stopper rally in 2013.

From 5:36, Nineham says this:

The powerful, the potent combination of domestic dissent in Britain, and the western countries, the US, and the heroic resistance that took place on the ground in Iraq and in Afghanistan has not just damaged the people who were promoting the Project for the New American Century and trying to continue these wars throughout the last decade. In a way it’s done something more profound. It’s actually changed the calculus of war.

Hmm, just who was carrying out that “resistance” in Iraq and Afghanistan, including killing British troops?

Appropriately enough, the name at the top of the latest stopper lies post is John Rees. Here is one of his somewhat crazed tributes to the “resistance”.

He too is a stopper and jihadis team player. Speaking on behalf of the StWC, he says:

But it has also been our policy that the resistance is a legitimate part of the movement. They are part of the movement in the Middle East. They are the central part of the movement in the Middle East.

He goes on to add that “I personally am a supporter of the resistance”.

Then he rolls out the model of the Vietnam war and calls for a repeat.

We must rely on the resistance of people who are at the sharp end of imperialism. And we must bring such pressure here that they are caught between a rock and a hard place. That they are between people who will not give in to the imperial presence in their own societies and people here who will not give in when they see that kind of injustice visited on other people because they know that their loss is our loss as well.

That video was recorded at the now infamous “Meet the Resistance” stopper rally. Its whole purpose was to fuse the “anti-war” movement with support for jihadi terrorists.

Brother Jeremy was there too. Here he is, lauding his “friends” in Hamas and Hezbollah.

Stoppers will always lie when they come under scrutiny.

Now more than ever before, people should call them on it.

The StWC is not an “anti-war” movement. It is a jihad support group.

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