'Islamic State',  Syria

No surprise

It’s no surprise that the people who did this:

belong to the same movement as the people who did this:

The bodies of an estimated 80 Yazidi victims were found in a mass grave on the edge of the city of Sinjar in Iraq on Saturday, according to local reports. Kurdish forces discovered the grave while clearing bombs from the area which was recently reclaimed from ‘IS’ militants.

Officials were able to locate the grave based on information provided by young women who witnessed the executions and escaped IS enslavement. Although the grave has yet to be excavated, Miyasir Hajji, a local council member for Sinjar, told AFP that it is thought to contain the bodies of around 78 women who were 40 to 80 years-old.

“It seems that the (IS) terrorist members only wanted young girls to enslave,” Hajji said. Yazidi residents in Sinjar were targeted as part of an IS campaign which included mass murders, enslavement, and rape.

Or that the vile Assad, having cynically helped empower the most extreme rebels to create the impression that it was him or the abyss, is now blaming France and other western countries for the terrorist attacks in Paris.

(Thierry Mariani, who led a French delegation that met with Assad on Saturday, is a member of the National Assembly who served in the government of Nicolas Sarkozy. And speaking of unsurprising news, he endorsed the Russian annexation of Crimea.)

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