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Jeremy Corbyn teams up with Moazzam Begg to help terrorists

This video from 2012 shows Jeremy Corbyn shouting for British terrorist suspects facing extradition to the United States.

His fellow speaker is Moazzam Begg, who needs no introduction here.

In the video you will also see Asim “Emwazi was a beautiful young man” Qureshi, Islamist fixer Carl Arrindell, the nasty piece of Labour work that is London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi, and insufferable Lindsey “Shibboleth” German. Another fine Corbyn crowd!

Corbyn claims the extraditions were coming to pass “without any process, without any accusations”. This is the shabbiest of lies. The judicial process was exhaustive and the US indictments were right out in the open.

Try Babar Ahmad’s here. Ahmad:

…provided, and conspired to provide, material support and resources to persons engaged in acts of terrorism in Afghanistan, Chechnya and elsewhere. Specifically, AHMAD provided, through the creation and use of various internet websites, email communication, and other means, expert advice and assistance, communications equipment, military items, currency, monetary instruments, financial services and personnel designed to recruit and assist the Chechen Mujahideen and the Taliban, and raise funds for violent jihad in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other places.

You can peruse Ahmad’s Azzam Publications jihadi website in the web archive. This was the website’s reaction to 9/11 – “defend Afghanistan!” The page capture is from 16 September 2001.

So there you have it – Corbyn helping terrorists to avoid justice with full due process and fighting the UK’s most important ally in the security field that matters to it most.

There really are no limits to Mr Corbyn’s depravity.

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