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The difference between democratic socialists and other socialists

Democratic socialists like Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders talk like this:

Near the end of [an] interview, CNBC’s John Harwood asked Sanders to respond to President Obama’s criticisms of lawmakers like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), his chief critic from the left on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal.

“[President Obama] says it’s the most progressive one that’s ever been negotiated,” Harwood said.

“Yeah, like what?” Sanders shot back.

“The minimum wage in Vietnam is 56 cents an hour,” the senator continued. “Workers there cannot form independent unions. And if you protest government policy, you might end up in trouble. OK?”

“What does this trade agreement have to say about that? Not a goddamned thing,” Sanders said. “Not a bloody thing.”

Other socialists support organizations like the the Trade Union Friends of Vietnam, which kowtow to visitors from the regime-controllled Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, and publish paeans to Vietnam’s “socialist oriented market economy.”

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