Pakistan,  The persecuted church

Supporting the victims of terrorist attacks in Lahore

Sunday’s bombings of two churches in Lahore, in which seventeen people lost their lives, have been widely condemned in Pakistan.  However more needs to be done to protect Pakistan’s minorities, already under pressure from the country’s blasphemy laws and other discriminatory legislation.  As Manassi Bernard, Chief Executive of the Global Minorities Alliance (GMA), points out:

“Pakistan Government has failed on number of occassions to protect religious places inspite of consistent requests from local churches which, has contributed to these fresh violence and the irreplaceable loss of innocent lives.”

GMA has now launched a campaign to support the families of those affected by the Taliban’s attacks on Christians in Lahore:

Mr Bernard further maintained that: “We can not imagine the trauma of families who lost their loved ones during the recent attack and we extend our condolence to the bereaved families.”

GMA has been contacted by its affiliates on ground in Pakistan who described the dire need to support the families of the victims. This campaign is in response to this call.

Here’s a link to more information about this appeal.

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