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Abdullah al-Andalusi Melts Down

Abdullah al-Andalusi is one of the silliest of extremists. When he is faced with good questions rather than yet another crowd of admiring fellows, a petulant meltdown is the outcome.

Victorian translations (no really), an Inquisition court, post-colonial secular states, generous helpings of whataboutery, all the flailing is there.

See it happen in today’s “The Big Questions”.

Haitham al-Haddad comes up too. Al-Andalusi can’t bring himself to condemn one of the very worst hate preachers. He is not al-Haddad’s lawyer, don’t you know (seriously).

Mohammed Shafiq doesn’t come off all that well either in the broadcast, though at least he apologised to Maajid Nawaz for the Jesus and Mo madness.

Naturally both al-Andalusi and Shafiq are signatories of the “We Are The Problem” charter.

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