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Haitham Haddad – No apostates will escape death

Haitham Haddad wants a world where there is no escape from death for apostates from Islam. None at all.

Not even “private” apostates will be spared. They will be spotted when they stop praying or wearing the hijab. Execution will be their reward.

See for yourself. Here he is at a laughably named “Peace Conference” in Norway in 2013.

He rolls out one of his favourite lines in defence of his sickening death call. Hey, “most” European countries have capital punishment for “treason”. I don’t know if this is a brazen lie on his part or evidence of shocking ignorance about European law. Either way, it’s pathetic.

As for Islam, death for apostates is a must because:

The apostate, from an Islamic perspective, he is not going against his religion because Islam is not a religion. Islam is a way of life. So he will be changing his way of life, including his political allegiance, including his religious allegiance, including everything. So definitely this person will be a threat for the state, for the individuals, for everyone. And that’s why the punishment is capital punishment.

Later in the talk he enlists the founder of Islam for his death cause.

The prophet said clearly “kill the apostate”. Clearly.

This is a nightmare vision of an unspeakably horrible world.

Note that for company on the stage in Norway Haddad had the pitiful convert Yusuf Chambers of “iERA”, looking on in awe at his hate preacher hero.

The audience asked question after earnest question about stoning and chopping. Haddad had found his element.

As he will find it at the University of Westminster. Its Islamic society can’t wait to hear from “our esteemed teacher and scholar” tomorrow evening.

Consider all this in the light of the University of Westminster’s statement.

As a diverse community of local and international students of many faiths, respect and tolerance is our foremost concern

Yet the university has nothing to say about Mr Haddad’s endless record of hate speech. Nothing at all.

While its chaplain Yusuf Kaplan has no problem with Mr Haddad.

What a sad and ugly spectacle.

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