Yasir Qadhi – something is just not right!

This is a cross-post from American preacher Yasir Qadhi

I am typically not one to be open to ‘conspiracy theories’, in which it is alleged that certain other governments are involved in Muslim terrorist attacks. I think it is an undeniable reality that a very small percentage of Muslims actually believe it is justified to kill and attack civilians (all you need to do is read some of the comments on my page and the page of all Islamic activists to see this!).

However, at times, I can’t help feel something is just not right. The phenomenon of ISIS is simply too bizarre to explain.

The abrupt suddenness of its appearance; its quick success; its funding; the quantity of arms it has; its managing of oil fields and selling oil on the black market; its issuance of a new currency; and most significantly, its utterly bizarre and twisted method of operating – all of this really and truly makes me doubt whether other entities don’t have a hand and are behind all this (and I’m merely expressing doubts here – Allah knows best!).

Their latest victim was Abdur Rahman Kassig, a convert to Islam who was so passionate about his faith that he became an aid worker and travelled to Syria to help our Muslim brethren and refugees. His conversion, and dedication, to Islam has been attested by his Muslim friends, and by his parents. So, in this case, each and every argument that ISIS-supporters used to (mis)apply their understanding of Sharia fails: the fact of the matter is that ISIS brutally beheaded and murdered someone who says the kalimah. I would not be surprised if he was uttering the kalimah even as they barbarically slit his throat.

I am becoming more open to the idea that the people running the show amongst ISIS are not Muslims at all, but rather those who wish to portray Islam in the worst possible light.

One simple fact: before ISIS’s brutal beheadings, the American population was so weary of war that they did NOT want to send troops or get involved in the Syrian crisis. Now, after ISIS has beheaded so many Western citizens, public opinion has changed and it appears war is imminent. Coincidence? Or convenience? Allah knows best.

Yasir Qadhi will be touring the UK again this April. This time his hosts will be “MEND”, the successor to the thoroughly discredited “iEngage” group. The Awlaki fan and Haniyeh lover Azad Ali is a key MEND leader.

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