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Denial fans the flames

It is bad enough that the world is plagued by one terrorist atrocity after another.

Yet there are some things which can make it even worse.

Denial is chief among them. It is common amongst British Muslims. Oh no, it’s not Muslims who did that, it’s a conspiracy! The real culprits are usually the CIA or Mossad, of course.

This way horrific violence can be simultaneously disowned and used to fan the flames of hatred. It’s intensely perverse and disturbing as well as deranged.

Run this short clip of hate preacher Haitham Haddad to see a recent example. Ever so clever, he has figured out that Islamic State is all “a big conspiracy”.

There’s plenty more in Haddad’s denial catalogue.

Try this post on his “Islam21C” website showing “Evidence that sheds doubt on the official story regarding the Charlie Hebdo shootings.”

There’s another about “the Paris Hoax” on the Facebook page.

Even poor old Osama bin Laden was targeted by the wicked conspirators. When he was killed, Haddad wrote these lines (emphases added):

“Almighty Allah knows everything about him, his actions, and the conspiracies that surround his life. He knows what Osama did, what he didn’t do, and what we were made to believe that he did.”

“Even though we fundamentally disagree with al-Qaeda and we condemn the unjustified killing that is attributed to them, it was very much instigated by the enemies of Islam themselves. In fact, I strongly believe that the presence of al-Qaeda is pleasing to the US especially as it allows the US justification for their crimes.”

By the way, in that piece Haddad went on to call bin Laden a “martyr” who would go to paradise.

Understand just how bad this is. While Osama goes to paradise, Muslim MPs who voted for same sex marriage, by contrast, should be hauled before an Islamic tribunal charged with leaving Islam. If found guilty, they should be cast out of Islam and their families must shun them. They should not even be buried in a Muslim cemetery. Such is Haddad’s depravity.

This one is spectacularly bonkers. Did you know that Ghedaffi was a “Zionist agent”?

Haddad’s conspiracy idiocy alone should make him a laughing stock, left to babble in a corner.

Instead it is part of his appeal, and it is considerable.

It is an appalling and deeply alarming state of affairs.

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