Stephen Sizer led discussion on “Christian responsibility” with Holocaust denier Maria Poumier

More from the New Horizons conference that Sizer participated in, in Tehran.

On Day Two, this discussion took place:

Ø  Conversation 6b (11:45 AM – 12:45 PM)

Christian Responsibility against Systemic Iniquity

Randy Short

Stephen Sizer

Maria Poumier

Marzieh Hashemi

Maria Poumier is a Holocaust denier, and the Spanish translator of Holocaust denier Israel Shamir.

She writes stuff like this:

The terrifying accounts of the Holocaust, with their magic gas chambers that supposedly disappeared Jews and only Jews by the millions, tens of thousands by the day in large ovens, aimed to blind Westerners with terror and a feeling of guilt. Finding out that the German people did not kill a huge fraction of  innocent co-citizens gives back to each European his sense of dignity, and brings him a formidable energy. The official cult called the Holocaust is nothing more than this: a ritual of the oligarchy, prostrate before a macabre and hollow idol.

Let this sink in: only recently, Sizer was wearing his Anglican dog collar in Iran, whilst claiming to be an “ambassador”. There, he discussed Christian responsibility towards the Jewish state with a Holocaust denier, in public.

This must be added to the the Diocese of Guildford’s investigations.

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