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Muhammad Salah – Another extremist on the way to London

Some time ago the al-Muntada mosque in Parsons Green, London, changed its name to the “West London Islamic Cultural Centre”.

Extremist business as usual has continued, of course. Apparently Ismail “homosexuals are worse than animals” Menk was a guest earlier this month.

Here’s another. Next month the centre will welcome the extremist preacher Muhammad Salah.

Salah’s topic is marriage. I suppose one can expect a recap of the dreary bigotry he is so fond of. A Muslim woman marrying a Christian man is “worse than adultery”. Indeed, a woman who marries any non-Muslim leaves Islam.

Actually that is mild for Mr Salah. Consider this chilling call for apostates from Islam to be killed. Only in a proper Islamic state, of course.

Mr Salah also stands up for “proper” jihad as he understands it. You see, the stakes are ever so high:

So Allah orders us to fight against those who fight against us. If we sit back and we dismiss the army and the military of the Muslim countries, tomorrow the Zionists will take over. Tomorrow they will reach to Mecca.

“Zionists” do weigh heavily on Mr Salah’s mind. Here’s a vicious tirade. Israel should not even be given water:

If we examine most of the crimes which are happening worldwide right now, or in the past 50 years, there is a link to the Zionist criminals, definitely, whether in America, in Europe, or in the Middle East.

Now and more than ever the free world have to come together, not just to show outrage, but to act. The free world have to kick out the criminal Zionists and their embassies and their offices from their countries. Particularly the Muslim world. I say from this pulpit that it is definitely haram, and prohibited, to deal with, to aid, or to sell or to buy from the criminal Zionists of what’s known as Israel.

It is definitely haram according to the Qur’an and the sunnah to provide them with natural gas, with oil, with any source or form of energy. It is haram to buy from them any of their products. It is haram to sell them anything, including water. It is haram to allow them to wander freely in our countries.

Next up, Nazi-style language:

Those people [Zionists] live to harm the international community. Those people are much worse than any disease that we have ever known. We have to confront their evil by strength, by unity.

Then a death cult flourish:

We ask Allah to give us the chance to die for his sake and to prove to the coward Zionists that the Muslims are still there and the offspring of Mohammed will definitely come back to free Jerusalem.

Last but not the least, the day shall come, and it will be very soon inshallah, we will have the rightly guided leadership. It will unite the ummah in order to free Jerusalem. It is coming. We have been informed by prophet Mohammed that it’s going to happen. And whatever he said is definitely the truth and it will happen, it will be fulfilled. We just wish, and we hope and pray, to be in the army which will liberate Jerusalem.

To complete the picture, note that Mr Salah is the “religious adviser” of Huda TV, a nasty extremist satellite channel.

Huda’s “stars” include three men who have been banned from the UK: Bilal Philips, Zakir Naik, and Hussein Yee. Also on the star list are UK extremists Abdur Raheem Green, Haitham al-Haddad, and Abu Usamah at-Thahabi.

All perfect company for Mr Salah.

Let’s turn back to “death for apostates” alone. Imagine a prominent foreign far right speaker planned to join up with his fellows in the UK. He was on record saying “Muslims should be executed in an ideal state”. Do you think he would be allowed to enter the country?

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