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Kirchner: Cry for me, Argentina

In the days following the death of AMIA bombing prosecutor Alberto Nisman, Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner insisted all the evidence pointed to a suicide.

On Thursday she changed her mind and decided it wasn’t a suicide after all.

Now her government says Nisman was murdered by rogue Argentine intelligence agents.

But whatever her version of events, Kirchner repeatedly makes clear that it is she, rather than Nisman, who is the real victim.

In a letter posted to her website, Fernandez suggested that Nisman’s death was the “true operation” against the government, calling it “the suicide that (I am convinced) was no suicide.”

“Prosecutor Nisman’s accusation was never, in itself, the true operation against the Government. It was bound to fall apart after the very first steps,” Fernandez wrote. “Nisman did not know this — he probably never did. The true operation against the Government was the Prosecutor’s death after accusing the President, the Foreign Minister, and the Secretary General of La Cámpora of being accessories to the Iranians accused of the terrorist bombing of AMIA.”

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