The Luton Islamic Centre – Still for Death for Apostates

Should apostates from a religion be killed? It’s a preposterous question for most of us in the world, thankfully.

For many Islamists, by contrast, it’s a red line and it must stay.

Only under an “Islamic state”, mind you, is a typical Salafi caveat.

As if the caveat counted for anything. It doesn’t. The very idea is so putrid even at the most contorted theoretical level that one struggles to know where to start.

Nor will it remain but an idea in the minds of the violent, who are no rare finds in Salafi circles.

The Luton Islamic Centre doesn’t care. We have called it before on its death for apostates message and much more. Yet the message is still up on its website, under a “defending Islam” heading.

“No compulsion in religion” talk in this context should be scorned, for it is not Islam:

Muslims are not allowed to force those who are not Muslim – to begin with – to embrace Islam. What does this have to do at all with the punishment of those who are Muslim but commit the crime of abandoning Islam, thus, becoming non-Muslim after they had been Muslim? The opinion mentioned in the question is amazing: it indicates the type of ‘knowledge’ that prevails among many Muslims these days. It seems that the reason behind using this sick logic to invalidate Islamic Law, is to suit modern-day disbelievers, who will stop at nothing less than the complete corruption of Islam, {never will the Jews or the Christians be pleased with you until you follow their religion…}

Who has any right to contradict the Prophet of Allah, who says, “He who reverts from his religion, then kill him”

Islamists like to complain that they are being stifled.

Actually, they can promote these clerical fascist messages openly and happily do so on a regular basis. Normally, not even a mild social censure will come their way.

Such is Britain.

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