Galloway inflames again

As tensions rose in Jerusalem yesterday (they never completely disappear) after the shooting of a rabbi by a Palestinian terrorist, Israeli authorities briefly shut down access to the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount. It was reopened for Friday prayers to worshipers over the age of 50 and women.

George Galloway, as is his wont when it comes to Jerusalem, did his bit to inflame the situation even further with a post on his Facebook page– where, in typical colonialist fashion, he presumes to tell Muslims what they “must” do:

(As for the one place in the world where Palestinians are actually suffering and dying in large numbers– the Yarmouk camp on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria– I can find no response, outraged or otherwise, from Galloway.)

The enthusiastic responses are truly blood-curdling– most notably this:

Nearly a day after it was posted, it was still there, drawing nearly two dozen “likes.” I can’t find a single protest.

If Galloway can’t be bothered to to check his Facebook page, couldn’t he at least hire someone to do it for him? Besides his salary as a member of Parliament and other earnings, he receives £6,400 for doing four programs a month for Vladimir Putin’s state-sponsored propaganda outlet RT television (see pages 116-117). That’s £76,800 ($122,880) a year.

However with oil prices dropping almost 25 percent in the past five months, and the Russian government dependent on oil and gas revenues for more than half its budget, Putin and company may start looking to cut corners.

Get it while you can, George.

Update: I guess Galloway or someone associated with him reads Harry’s Place. The pro-Hitler posts have been removed.

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