What is Greek for Political and Economic Chaos III?

As the Scottish referendum hoves from view of the world stage and the Scottish Nose Pickers become increasingly bitter together at their being denied the opportunity to pole-ax a modern economy, Greece continues to deal with similar effects.

One of those arrested following the September 2013 murder of Pavlos Fyssas in a politicized football attack was Nikolaos Michaloliakos, thug-in-chief of the neo Nazi, Golden Dawn Party.  As much of a ridiculous buffoon he looks in the accompanying intensely amusing image of his arrest, it should not be forgotten that his Party are extremely nasty pieces of work with the willingness and means to reveal a darkness on the Greek streets not seen since Northern European Nazis conducted massacres in some of their electoral strongholds.

Now, after a year of investigations, public prosecutor, Isidoros Doyiakos has accused the entire Party structure of intimate involvement with decades-long murder and intimidation against pretty much any ethnic/social minority in Greece and a few more aside; and order the arrest of dozens of members, including all MPs.

The 700-page Greek-language report is here. Although I cannot claim to have read it myself, I am told that amongst other horribles, the following are discussed:

  • Page 365, co-ordination by mobile phone in Fyssas’ murder;
  • Page 413, the beating of Egyptian workers at Attica (presumably this leading to one having a kidney removed in surgery);
  • Page 684, an attack by senior Golden Dawn members on Pakistani workers at an olive oil farm in Crete (presumably this).

I cannot recall if the much missed Mr. Eugenides reads Greek, but any readers who can, plucking-out other snippets would be gratefully received.

To my eye, there is a Jewish-theme to the name Isidoros which I am quite sure the knuckle-scraping antisemites in Golden Dawn shall make hay from.

If anyone feels moves to donate to the needy in Greece, I would not recommend this unofficial charity run by Golden Dawn’s Australian branch.

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