Crazy Days

Didn’t I say that we’re going mad up here?

Alex Salmond (isn’t he the guy who resigned on Friday because he lost the democratic mandate for an independent Scotland?)

The First Minister appeared to blame elderly Scots, who were most hostile to leaving the UK, for holding back younger generations and argued that independence is inevitable after they die off.

In a startling intervention, he also claimed that another referendum may not be required to break up Britain as the Scottish Parliament could unilaterally declare independence after gaining increasing numbers of powers.

I count myself as “late middle-aged” rather than “elderly” but I’m going to live for ever to spite the blustering demagogue. See me and my zimmer storm the voting booths.

And Jim Sillars

Tweeting as @Naefear, Sillars said today: “Let Yes assert new indy rule – no more ref – majority votes and seats at Holyrood 2016 enough #the45.

“What’s this about a waiting a generation – indy remains on agenda now.

“Queenie intervened for No as she did in 1979. So no more softly-softly – we go for Republic.”

>#the45 refers to the 45% (really 44.7%) who voted Yes. and, I am afraid, are not being good sports at losing.  They are now flocking to join the SNP and the Greens – which ticks me off, as I do vote Green.  Are the next political years going to be spent tactically voting to keep these nutters out?

They put a 45 on their Facebook profile where the Yes used to be.

Is this ironic or don’t they know what “the forty-five” was in Scottish history?

(Update:- they do know but think of the heroic struggle rather than the colossal defeat.  Bad omen chaps – the forces of Scottish nationalism may meet the same fate as Highland feudalism.)

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