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Fringe candidate in Kentucky runs on slogan: “With Jews We Lose”

I’d be shocked if the antisemitic white supremacist Robert Ransdell– running as a write-in candidate for the US Senate from Kentucky– gets more than half a percent of the vote.

What’s more disturbing is that his noxious campaign signs are popping up in northern Kentucky, and he has plans to post hundreds more throughout the state.

Unlike in many European countries, there are no laws prohibiting such signs in the US. But if the signs are posted on private property with the owners’ consent, those owners ought to be named and shamed. Of course if the signs have been posted without consent, they can and should be removed.

A quick glance at Ransdell’s platform (not for the faint of heart) provides a salutary reminder that for all the tensions and sometimes enmity among American Jews, Muslims and African-Americans, there are those who despise all of us more or less equally.

Update: As a candidate for Senate, Ransdell was foolishly invited to speak at a Constitution Day celebration at the University of Kentucky.

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