Michael Connarty MP Rails Against “Israeli Spies”

Michael Connarty is the Labour MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk.

A member of the public sent him the following letter:


I understand that you spoke at the PSC Rally yesterday.

  • Given the previous disgraceful, divisive and distasteful remarks by David Ward MP and Baroness Tonge (for example see here and here), why did you agree to share a platform with them?
  • Do you support a two state solution?  (As I’m sure you know, the PSC is ambiguous about this and has a logo which indicates it does not support Israel’s existence.)

o   If you do support a two state solution, why did you speak at a PSC event?

o   Are you pushing the PSC to clarify its position on this topic?

  • Will you condemn the direct action tactics used by boycott campaigners against Israeli goods (and sometimes against kosher goods) in branches of Sainsbury’s and Tesco, which have caused fear and intimidation amongst shoppers and staff and have led many people from the Jewish Community to be very distressed?
  • This was Michael Connarty MP’s extraordinary response:

    I presume the Israeli government’s spies were there, as I always expect.

    I support and will encourage a boycott, and an arms embargo of Israel.  I have seen the behaviour of the State of Israel first-hand often enough to in all conscience say it acts like a rogue state, and should be treated like a rogue state.

    I have no religious prejudice against those who live in Israel, but not in the settlements in Palestine, and I give no support to the anti-democratic Hamas regime.

    If you would like to take your prejudiced views up with my electorate, I look forward to debating the issue with you in front of them.

    I do not and will not allow you to try to assume I am answerable to you, who question me while burdened by your own prejudices.

    There should be no immunity, no impunity such as is allowed for Israeli military members who kill and maim innocent civilians.

    Michael Connarty MP

    Linlithgow & East Falkirk constituency

    [email protected]

    What a remarkable response.

    I mean, it is usual to be accused of making false accusations of antisemitism, and so on. But for a Labour MP to accuse a member of the public of being an Israeli government spy…?

    That really crosses a whole new boundary.

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