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Syrian State TV Likes Owen Jones

This is a cross post by Al-Ikhbariyah Syria: Syrian State Television

Britain’s involvement in supporting terror in Syria and the region (ME) via its support for the the countries which sponsor and oversee it has made the British feel that their country is less safe. This is what the British newspaper the Guardian presented in an article written by Owen Jones.

Jones affirmed that the results of the 13 year War on Terror is failure followed by difficulties and that a lot of the British have begun to feel that their country is less safe than what it was. As what they call jihadists extremists are running amok in Syria and Iraq. In addition to this Libya has become under the control of Islamic militias.

The newspaper in its article indicated that after the government raised the terror threat to dangerous we have to reflect on the last 13 catastrophic years of combating terror since there is a missing piece. And it’s the West’s relationship with the oil dictatorships which have played a pernicious role in the rise of Islamic fundamentalist terror. And according to the secret memo from the former US foreign minister Hillary Clinton and which were published by wikileaks, Qatar has the worst record in cooperating with the US in combatting terror.

And Saudi which is donating 100 million of dollars to support its ( the UN’s) programme to combat terrorism, except according to leaked memos from Clinton it’s (Saudi’s) considered the largest sponsor of terrorist groups throughout the world.

The British are expecting new laws to make it more difficult for extremists to travel to Syria and Iraq at a time in which Cameron’s government continues with its shameful support to the killer and terrorist in Syria.