Anti Muslim Bigotry,  Stateside

A radical Muslim– in the best sense

I posted last month about Zak Mohyuddin, a Pakistani-born Muslim running as a Democrat for a seat on the Coffee County Commission in Tennessee. He was the object of lies by his Republican opponent about his alleged anti-Christian and anti-American beliefs.

Mohyuddin lost the election, but there is one small but positive development to come out of the whole nasty business.

Barry West — an elected commissioner at the time in the same county that Mohyuddin ran to represent — posted something online that made Mohyuddin shudder.

On West’s Facebook page, he shared an image showing a man with a double-barrel shotgun aiming, with eye closed. The caption read, “How to wink at a Muslim.”

Then Mohyuddin did something truly radical: he invited West to dinner. And West accepted.

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