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Scotland Votes: What’s at stake for the UK

The debate between Salmond and Darling was not broadcast UK wide although losing one third of your land mass and suffering a big shake up of your politics is going to be of some interest to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Andrew Neil’s programme Scotland Votes: What’s at stake for the UK last night covered some the issues. It is excellent and thought-provoking and both Yesses and Noes are full of praise for it.

scotland-votes-whats-at-stake-for-the-uk (Warning to viewers – contains scenes with Simon Jenkins).

If you are the slightest bit interested in what is the most significant change to Britain since the break up of the empire, I’d urge you to watch it. Like many people I’m sick of the referendum, but even Scotophobes will find some interest in questions about Britain’s future place in the world.

It all seems a bit late in the day as it’s only five weeks to the vote now and the contingency plans spoken about are probably irrelevant as the polls are showing it’s prob to be No.

I have hated this whole Neverendum which to me has been an unnecessary disruption and also airing the dirty laundry of nationalism and would-be Braveheart resentment (there was a clip from Braveheart – I was cheering on the cavalry as it advanced on the purveyor of crappy history) as well as some stupid illiberalism. The furious indignation I’ve seen that the English should even dare to have an opinion, or at least a wrong one on the matter.

However, I am on the side of stronger regional government, and if a devolved Scotland pushes England towards decentralisation of powers is a result of the debate, it’s not all rancour and loss.

A question – I get the impression that in Scotland the Yesses are enthusiastic campaigners and the Noes less so. However in England those that want the UK to stay together are the busy ones, while those who want it to fall apart are quieter. Roger Scruton, Simon Jenkins and Billy Bragg are in favour of an independent Scotland as they think it will be better for England, but are those that want to get shot of the ungrateful Jocks slipping tenners to the Yes campaign?

(I wrote this first thing this morning and have now amended it).