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In support of striking lecturers at Lambeth

Today there is a UCU day of action in support of colleagues who are striking over unfairly imposed new contracts at Lambeth College.  Here is a little background information on the case:

The dispute centres on the college’s introduction of contracts for new staff joining after 1 April 2014 which leaves them with bigger workloads, less sick pay and fewer holidays. We believe the changes will see new joiners working longer hours than all but three of London’s 38 further education colleges.

Indefinite strike action is a very serious step and not one that has been taken lightly. Members originally backed strike action back in March in a ballot on a turnout of 70% – a figure that would have delighted any politician scratching around to convince a third of their constituents to vote in last week’s elections.

These are the kind of concerns which are at the forefront of most members’ minds, and members and branches all over the country have been sending in messages of solidarity.