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Atzmon and Duke and Galloway

The news that Gilad Atzmon has called white nationalist/antisemite David Duke a “proud white man” and a “humanist” should hardly surprise anyone who has been paying attention to the Jew-hating filth he has spouted in recent years.

Although many of Atzmon’s former fans on the anti-Zionist Left have edged away from him, George Galloway boasted only last year that Atzmon was teaching him to play the saxophone.

Now I have no idea to what extent Galloway shares Atzmon’s views, but I’ll simply note that while he could not bear to sit at the same table as an Israeli, he has (or had) no problem taking music lessons from the execrable Atzmon.

It’s not the first time Galloway has come into friendly contact with someone who turned out to admire Duke’s views.

Oh, and Galloway and Duke– like Republican State Senator Richard Black, who recently helped kill expansion of Medicaid for 400,000 uninsured Virginians– admire the murderous Bashar al-Assad.

Such fine friends the Syrian president has.