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The Hayes Muslim Centre: Promoting Hatred

This line appeared in a report about Ismail Jabbar, yet another hideous British jihadi in Syria:

Senior figures in Jabbar’s former mosque warned that at least three other local boys had travelled to Syria with him. A trustee of the Hayes Muslim Centre said: ‘I remember him. He used to pray here, and we know that he has gone to Syria. There are three other boys who have gone like that.’

The Hayes Muslim Centre seems an appropriate place for such a man. Consider the face it shows to the world on its website.

This Saturday, for example, it will host a conference for Khatme Nubuwwat. Khatme is a movement entirely dedicated to the promotion of hatred and persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims.

The Hayes Muslim centre is also fond of the notorious hate preacher and champion of terrorists Uthman Lateef. In fact, one of the recordings it hosts on its website features Lateef telling Muslims to remember “your brother” Babar Ahmad, among other extremists. Ahmad was a Taliban supporter who pleaded guilty last year to very serious terrorist charges:

“Today, Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan admitted that they supported terrorists,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Daly. “They acknowledged that they solicited funds, recruited, personnel and provided additional support for acts of terror, including efforts based out of the United States and solicitations for support that were specifically targeted at U.S. residents. In doing so, they also admitted that they knew that their efforts could result in the maiming and murder of individuals, including U.S. citizens.”

The Hayes Muslim Centre has also hosted iERA, the homophobic and antisemitic band led by Abdur Raheem Green, and London’s Tayyibun Institute, a set of inveterate promoters of some the world’s worst extremist preachers.

On the centre’s “Articles” page one finds more. Here is a key reason why Mohammed was so great:

Then after that, Allah sufficed him with what He permitted to him of the fay’ (spoils) and ghaneemah (booty), which is the noblest of earnings.

Fay’ is that which is taken from the kuffaar without fighting.

Ghaneemah is that which is taken from the kuffaar by means of fighting.

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (sa) said: “I have been sent ahead of the Hour with the sword, until Allah alone is worshipped with no partner or associate, and my provision has been placed beneath the shade of my spear.”

Perhaps most shocking and disgusting, though, is this bit of Islamic end times lore about the devil:

His followers will flee, pursued by the Muslims, who will kill them, and trees and rocks will say, ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allaah, there is Jew behind me – come and kill him!” – apart from the gharqad (box thorn), for it is one of the trees of the Jews.

This revolting line is bad enough on its own. The contemporary context makes it worse: end times tales centre on Syria and are a staple of hate preachers who support the jihadis plaguing that country.

Maybe the local MP is concerned? Er, no, one must guess. It’s Labour’s John McDonnell. He holds surgeries at the centre and helped it to gain control of its building.