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Someone Said Something

With the Scottish LibDem Conference under way, a senior-ish member is a likely candidate for Nick Watt’s unattributed scoop from an unnamed Government minister somewhere in the pro-Union campaign that the UK intends to enter into a currency union with an independent Scotland to ensure financial stability and secure Faslane naval base.

And currently having his or her head dunked in the latrine at the toilets in Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. From George Osborne and Danny Alexander:

‘A currency union will not work because it would not be in Scotland’s interests and would not be in the UK’s interests. Scotland would have no control over mortgage rates, and would be binding its hands on tax and funding for vital public services. The Scottish Government are proposing to divorce the rest of the UK but want to keep the joint bank account and credit card.

The UK would not put its taxpayers at risk of bailing out a foreign country and its banks. Parliament wouldn’t pass it, and the people wouldn’t accept it. Any suggestion to the contrary is wrong.’

That said, I am utterly baffled at Isabel Hardman’s assertion that this makes it easier for the YES camp to maintain that this is bluff and bluster.

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