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The oppression and resilience of women

The Central London Humanist Group is organising this event on 15 March to mark International Women’s Day.

Our Conference – The Oppression and Resilience of Women will celebrate women’s achievements in the arts, science and politics. We will also look at health, wealth and education and how culture, men and religions can impede women. We will be highlighting the appalling oppression effecting many women in the 21st century and the positive achievements of women despite the many challenges they face, and we will end the day with some comedy.

N.B. We realise that some men feel a conference about women is not for them but trust us it’s for you too, we want you there and we want you to show you care about certain issues. .As an incentive to get more men along any women bringing a male friend will receive a surprise gift as will any man turning up on his own volition.

Speakers include Baroness Cox, Pragna Patel of Southall Black Sisters, Lejla Kuric (who has blogged here and at Left Foot Forward) and  Kate Smurthwaite (who was excellent at the recent LSESUASH event).