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BDS Bullies at NUI Galway

The shouty chap in the clip is Joseph Loughnane, of NUI Galway.

He is running for a position within the Irish Students Union. Loughnane’s campaign literature is tame. He passes himself off as a good student unionist. He isn’t.

He has in the past compared Israel to Nazi Germany. On the indymedia website he writes, “Concerning Israel, just because you suffer mass murder … that does not give you the right to do the exact same to a group of people who are helpless to fight back against you.”

And then there is this extract from Galway’s debating society’s official minutes, “Our final speaker of the night was Joseph Loughnane. He said how Israel was created as a Western outpost in a region un-brainwashed by American interests. He told us how ultimately it was the Jews that stole the land, and so they are to blame. Joseph also said how the Jews run the American media and push their agenda, and that ultimately, the West uses and controls Israel as a tool for keeping the Middle East in line.”

It would a good thing if Irish students watch this clip and ask themselves if this is a fit person to be running their union.

Of course, Loughnane ignores Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who  opposes a complete boycott of Israel, and Saeb Erekat, who is currently sitting down with several ‘f***ing Zionists’ to negotiate a peace deal for the Palestinian people. But then people like Joseph Loughnane are not interested in mutual recognition, two states for two peoples, or peace.