Viktor Orbán: words vs. reality

Guest post by Karl Pfeifer

On March 1, under the title of “Zero Tolerance,” The newspaper Új Élet of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Hungary (Mazsihisz) published an article about what is tolerated in Hungary.

For example, in February neo-Nazis marched in the town of Székesfehérvár, less than 40 kilometers from Felcsút, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán resides. During their raucous demonstration, the participants shouted that the real Holocaust was not the annihilation of the Jews, but rather the bombing of Dresden.

On the Orbán government-affiliated ECHO TV, journalist Ferenc Szaniszló said in early March:

“Hungary must prepare, whether it wants to or not, to again incorporate the Carpathian-Ukraine region… If the Russians provide us with a fait accompli and offer to return what was ours was for many centuries, how will we respond? Will we leave the decision up to our masters in Brussels and Washington?… In Hungary only treasonable national socialists, fascistic liberals, leftwing extremists and antisemitic Zionists favor the European Union… Russians and Hungarians in the Ukraine are the suffering subjects of national socialist and fascist-liberal oppression.”

A civilized society would not permit such an individual in the proximity of a microphone.

On February 19, Viktor Orbán wrote to Mazsihisz: “You are well aware that my past and my present governments have declared zero tolerance to anti-Semitism…”

Who can believe that?

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