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Rowan Williams Hails the Khomeinist IHRC

The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is one of the most absurdly named organisations in Britain. It is a band of Khomeinist extremists, not a legitimate rights group.

Its activities include staging the annual “Al Quds Day” march in London, which is one of the nastiest Israel hatred demonstrations you will ever find outside the Middle East; inviting hate preachers such as Ibrahim Zakzaky to Britain; and campaigning for suspected and convicted terrorists in the UK and the USA, including Abu Hamza and Omar Abdel Rahman, the spiritual leader of the 1990s New York bombing plotters.

Scenes from Al Quds Day in London

Tomorrow the IHRC will hold its “Islamophobia Awards” rally in London. Apparently Theresa May is a favourite to win. Other nominees include Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation.

It is no surprise to see some of the names on the list of supporters of the event. They include weird peer Lord Avebury, disgraced former Labour peer Lord Ahmed, fanatical Israel hater Lauren Booth, and creepy Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather.

But this one does stand out:

Dr Rowan Williams

The fact that prejudice and ignorance are ridiculous doesn’t – unfortunately – make them less lethal. But it is important from time to time to be reminded that they are ridiculous, and that’s why this event is so welcome. Some theologians have contrasted the light-heartedness of heaven with the fact that the devil and his angels take themselves with deadly seriousness, even when engaged in the most absurd project possible, resisting the all-powerful goodness of God. I hope this evening will make some contribution to delivering us from deadly seriousness and recall us to the joy that faith opens for us.

Yes, it’s that Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Islamists have successfully entrenched themselves in Britain in no small part because idiotic left wingers and liberals have helped them to do so, often while smearing their opponents.

In this crowd, Rowan Williams stands out as an Archidiot.

More scenes from Al Quds Day in London

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