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Murad Qureshi AM is Very Opposed To Fascist Meetings

Here’s Murad Qureshi, Labour AM in the London Assembly. He is protesting against this weekend’s Jobbik meet-up in London.

And here’s Murad Qureshi, attending a meeting with Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza:

The man standing next to Murad Qureshi is Ahmad Al Kurd, who is a subject to sanctions in the US, because he runs a key Hamas funding operation.

This is what Murad Qureshi had to say on his visit to Hamas:

The trip ended with news that the Hamas authorities in the Gaza strip had executed two men who were convicted of collaboration with Israel; reminding us all that it was as much a war as a siege that had yet to be resolved along the Gaza strip.

What a proud and courageous anti-fascist Murad Qureshi is.