Neo Nazi Jobbik Party Holds London Rally

If you’re at a loose end this coming Sunday in London, you could attend a rally that will be addressed by Gábor Vona: the leader of the Hungarian neo Nazi party, Jobbik.

Gábor Vona is the founder of the paramilitary organisation, Magyar Gárda:

In June 2007, Vona founded the radical nationalist Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard). The organization was disbanded by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest (Fővárosi Bíróság) 16 December 2008 on the grounds that the activities of the organization “were against the human rights of minorities as guaranteed by the Hungarian Constitution”.

At a rally before the 2010 election, Vona insisted that, if elected, he would wear a Gárda uniform to first day of parliament.[7] Vona, to much controversy, followed up at the opening session of the new Hungarian parliament on 14 May 2010, wearing a white shirt and a black vest from the banned uniform of the organization. Outgoing Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai called on the Justice Minister Imre Forgács to file a procedure against Vona. Vona said that if the vest was illegal he would see it as an act of civil disobedience, and was willing to face the consequences.

I don’t believe that any British anti-fascist organisations have yet noted this event.


Fembota posts the following short video of a Jobbik rally. Worth watching.

UPDATE 2: Hope not Hate is on the case, as you’d expect:

HOPE not hate is working with its friends in Hungary and other in the UK to establish more accurate details of the event’s location and expose the nazi meeting.

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