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Grahame Morris’s ill judged ‘Nazis’ tweet

Labour MP Grahame Morris attracted some angry responses yesterday when he tweeted this comment about an (unidentified) demonstration:

@ynkutner – Nazis in my village do you see the flag they fly

Any juxtaposition of Nazis and Israel (it was an Israeli flag) is dodgy.  However at first I thought the main purpose of the tweet was to denounce some group such as the EDL, with the Israeli flag detail being an afterthought, albeit a distasteful one. However he was in fact responding to an irritated tweet from an Israel supporter who objected to Morris’s pro-Palestinian stance.

This context makes the ‘Nazis in my village’ tweet not just a thoughtless blip, but an unpleasant and calculated jibe. (The picture dates back to last November, and is in fact of an EDL rally in Shotton Colliery.)

Morris’s later interventions into the ensuing Twitter debate range from the sickly and sanctimonious

@onelpeleg @afagerbakke @BBCNews @SkyNews @CNN :I will light a candle for you and your friends ..that one day soon you may see the light

to the unpleasantly insinuating.

@afagerbakke @onelpeleg just tell your bosses you have done your work and reflect on my TL :justice for #Palestine

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