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Nauseous Menk

So the Islamic preacher Ismail Menk is in the UK now. However, it appears that his university tour has been cancelled.

This is probably a good thing for the poor man. He might be in proximity to homosexuals on a university campus. And he doesn’t like that one bit. Listen to this charming anecdote in one of his talks.

I was on a flight one day. I met a man and I greeted him and so on. I was coming from Cape Town. And he told me, I said “what’s your name”. He said Suleiman. Oh mashallah, this that, what what. Then we got talking and he started speaking about things. I told him also “how many children do you have?”. He looked about sixty. It’s a true story. And he told me “oh, I, uh, this is my partner”. I said “who?”. He said “Hussein, next to me”. Suleiman married Hussein. He said the imam did the nikah [marriage]! Allahu akbar!

I asked him one question and I am going to tell it to you because we are living in an age where we need to know. I said “look, I don’t mean to be bad. I am about to change my seat because I am feeling a bit nauseous.” He says “you know what? We can actually get you locked up.” I said “for what?”. He said “because you are discriminating.” I said “what are you talking about? You can’t do that. I am feeling nauseous sitting next to you”.

He goes on to rue the normality of homosexuality in contemporary society, which is “something to cry about”:

In some countries it is prohibited to actually look down upon that [homosexuality]. And in some countries the school syllabus has in it that you need to teach the children that these people are absolutely normal and if you have this type of inclination there is no harm and no problem. This is what is being taught, forcefully, to the children of the Muslims! Across the globe, in certain countries. May Allah safeguard us. May we never see such days in our places.

Oh dear! Oh well, in an awful place like the UK, he can still find comfort. Apparently he will still be quite welcome in some Islamic centres. For example, next Friday he will be hosted by the Islamic Network at a mosque in Holloway.

The Islamic Network seems like the perfect host for Menk. In a website bursting with extremist poison, one finds this very straightforward view on homosexuals – they must be killed.

Therefore the Islamic punishment is that anyone found guilty of this sin (sodomy) is to be killed, whether he is married or unmarried.

Talk about “nauseous”.

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