In an ideal world gays must be executed says Abdul Qadeer Baksh

This is cross-post from homo economicus by John Sargeant

Abdul Qadeer Baksh, Chairman of the Islamic Centre in Luton, states gays would be executed in an ideal world – an Islamic state. He defends holding this view because this, sharia, would only happen if all the British people wanted (consented) to it. Talking about Saudi Arabia he claims sharia acts as a deterrent – punishments rarely happen.

You know, like the ten years imprisonment and 2,000 lashes for dancing on a car at night naked.

Tommy Robinson replied to him that in an ideal Islamic state Abdul wants gay people to be too scared to be gay. Sadly that fear already exists, not just in Islamic States but in Islamic communities. Abdul was rightly taken to task for adding to that by the host Olly Mann.

More on the ideal Islamic state can be found on Abdul’s blog and all quotes come from the same post The Five Higher Goals of Sharia Law – they are his words:

The purpose of the Islamic Law is for humans to achieve happiness in this world and the hereafter, by following the law of adopting the good and neglecting the bad.

The Islamic Law does not command anything that is not good for people, and it does not forbid anything that is not bad for them.

In an Islamic state we will be killed if we do not know what is good for us. Like being heterosexual. Procreation as a matter of life and death within marriage.

In order to protect the family, Islam forbids adultery, any other shameful deeds, and whatever leads to these deeds; such as the mixing of men and women.

In addition, Islam imposes the wearing of a veil for women in front of strange men to avoid seduction and sexual desire, for in Islam; women are precious jewels protected from being trifled with, misuse, and abuse.

The degeneration of women together with the veil. No Abdul I do not hear citizens of the UK calling for this to be imposed by law. What I am hearing is someone whose pretence at moderation is stretching credulity to breaking point. You do not speak for the Muslim people I know.

In the same post the Islamic state must deal with unbelievers:

Allah (S.W) obligated the community and the government to protect religion, to ease the means of practicing it. Thus, it must defend it; prevent every thing that leads to disobedience and disbelieving, by stopping the guilty and performing the punishments according to the law.

Now there is a huge difference between following a faith voluntarily without sanction, and in the Islamic state all will follow this or else punishments exist by force of law via sharia. The ideal state for Abdul Qadeer Baksh is quite simply hell on earth. The punishment for apostasy and being gay just a few examples. Remember the death penalty is good for you keeping the faith.

For Abdul these things enshrine “human rights.” To which I can only reply long live the secular state to protect us from the religious idealists that claim to be moderates. The enemies of reason that destroy language as they will an individual’s rights – rights that no state, faith or other person can take without violating another’s humanity. Universal human rights.

We are people, citizens. Using the freedoms we have to enjoy in our imperfect little state, may we expose the supposed “moderates” in our midst that would wish to have “happiness” ordained by law. These hell imposers of a black heart, and the destroyers of the human spirit that finds joy through life in all its diversity.