Named and Dismissed

To the casual observer, it would have seemed that a Government-backed report into cover-ups and deliberate destruction of files – by public or private sector employees – related to internal and criminal investigations superseded glib readings of the Data Protection Act. The DPA would be assumed to be there to protect individuals’ personal data, not a redaction of their names when linked to direct accusations of misconduct.

Following just such an attempt to avoid naming former senior employees at the Care Quality Commission in relation to neo-natal mortality at Furness General Hospital , ministerial-intervention and scornful responses from the Information Commissioner over-ruled and Cynthia Bower (former chief executive), Jill Finney (former deputy chief executive) and Anna Jefferson (former media manager) were named.

Finney has had her new employment – at UK domain name registrar, Nominetterminated.

PS Again, keep off Israel and/or Muslims please.

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