Keep Spencer and Geller Out Of The UK

This is a press release from Hope Not Hate

EDL leader Stephen Lennon has just announced that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer will be speaking at an EDL rally in Woolwich on Saturday 29th June.

Geller and Spencer, are two of the most influential anti-Muslim agitators in the United States. They recently placed adverts on the New York subway calling Muslims “savages” and are the co-founders of the Stop the Islamisation of America group.

Understandably, their organisation is considered a hate group and that’s why we are writing to the Home Secretary asking that she stops them from entering the UK.

Will you co-sign the letter?


Just like the EDL, Geller and Spencer blame all Muslims for the actions of a few extremists. Just like Anders Breivik, they believe that there is an Islamic conspiracy to take over the West. Unsurprisingly, Breivik quoted both Geller and Spencer extensively in the Manifesto he released, on the day he killed 77 people in Norway.

Join us in telling the Home Secretary that Geller and Spencer are not welcome here.


Over the last few weeks we have seen an upsurge in anti-Muslim hatred following the awful death of Lee Rigby. Mosques have been attacked and people threatened. And EDL supporters have been at the heart of this.

We have to stand against the extremists behind the murder of Lee Rigby. But we also cannot allow his death to be exploited by the EDL to spread their hate.

In 2010 we campaigned successfully to stop US hate preacher Terry Jones from speaking at an EDL rally. Only this morning we wrote to the Home Secretary expressing our concern about the presence in this country of Saudi Preacher Mohammad Al-Arefe who many fear will stoke hatred between Sunni and Shia communities. We believe in free speech but there must be limits on those who seek to deliberately incite hatred.

Geller and Spencer have declared all Muslims “savages”. Join me in telling the Home Secretary that these peddlers of hate are not welcome in the UK.



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