Far Left-Far Right Lunacy Convergence Over Snowden

Gordon Duff, one of the roster of neo Nazis who writes for the Iranian Government’s Press TV, believes that Snowden’s leaks are part of a complicated and difficult to follow false flag operation.

Here’s the man’s article. See if you can make sense out of it:

What we are seeing is what Israel and her “hasbara” friends believe is a sophisticated disinformation campaign, inundating all media, from useless corporate networks and publications to supposed “independent” publications, many of them “online,” representing “right wing crazies” or the “anti-Zionist/anti-imperialist” left.

When we look at Snowden, he was around for 9/11 and, though he claims to have full access to all top US intelligence sources, he seems blissfully ignorant about the single largest betrayal of, not just America, but the entire world.

We are supposed to believe that this NSA insider with “access to the full rosters of everyone working at the NSA…” wouldn’t be dying inside from guilt, having remained silent over complicity in so many crimes, so many abuses, so much death, so much torture.

Why speak up now, why say so little if risking one’s life? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Snowden also goes blank two rigged elections, murders like Pat Tillman, Osama bin Laden, John Wheeler III, two illegal wars, torture and rendition, drone warfare, government drug dealing and everything “false flag” and “Israel.”

Instead, he is reporting on NSA spying. Ho Hum. Why so much publicity, “bought” with so little “pocket change?”

Both Assange and George W. Bush have worked very hard to develop the image of “ladies men” as opposed to “girlie men.” Such behaviors are common for those who seek public attention despite a long history of “sexual ambiguity.”

Could Assange’s “sexcapades” be a form of “beard?” (Def: A “beard” is a female companion hired by a male homosexual to provide “cover.”)

How many of those who sat in the oval office did so with a “first lady” acting as a “beard?”

Few questioned Assange and when he was “outed” as an Israeli stooge, “they” waited for the story to “cool off” and tried to rehabilitate the right wing Zionist phony.

The point? The answer is simple, if you hear about it “in the news,” it is because “they” want you to hear about it “in the news.”

The logic of Duff’s argument might also lead one to conclude that Duff himself is a Zionist stooge. But Duff isn’t a particularly logical man.

Which brings me to Naomi Wolf. Naomi Wolf is a mentally ill woman, who famously had a vision in which she took on the spirit of a 13 year old boy and met Jesus. Like Duff, she also believes that Snowden is a fake, set up by Government to … oh I don’t know, something bad, obviously.

Here’s her latest piece on Facebook:

I hate to do this but I feel obligated to share, as the story unfolds, my creeping concern that the NSA leaker is not who he purports to be, and that the motivations involved in the story may be more complex than they appear to be. This is in no way to detract from the great courage of Glenn Greenwald in reporting the story, and the gutsiness of the Guardian in showcasing this kind of reporting, which is a service to America that US media is not performing at all. It is just to raise some cautions as the story unfolds, and to raise some questions about how it is unfolding, based on my experience with high-level political messaging.

Some of Snowden’s emphases seem to serve an intelligence/police state objective, rather than to challenge them.

Read the rest if you can be bothered.

Gordon Duff is published by nobody other than himself, other neo Nazis and Press TV.

Naomi Wolf has a column in The Guardian.

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