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Kafranbel tries sarcasm

The neocons of the Syrian town of Kafranbel express their bitterness at the Obama administration’s pathetic calls for Iran and Hezbollah to withdraw their fighters from Syria.

Well, they’ve tried everything else.

(I’d love to see counter-demonstrators show up at the next Stopper protest with pictures from Kafranbel.)

Hezbollah isn’t winning popularity contests among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon either:

Some 1,500 packages of food aid donated by Hezbollah were burned by Palestinian refugees from Syria and local residents in the Bekaa Wednesday, the second such incident in a week. Omar Halabi, the head of the Saadnayel Youth League, told The Daily Star that a truck with boxes of aid was unloaded in the morning at the offices of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Halabi said when the aid was distributed, the refugees noticed the labels attached to each package explaining that the aid was a gift from the “Islamic Resistance in Lebanon to our brethren, the displaced Palestinians from Syria.”

“When the refugees realized that the aid was from the same party which is killing their people in Qusair and in other places, they, with dozens of locals, took the boxes from the Palestinian Cultural Center and burned them,” Halabi said.

The DFLP is politically affiliated with the Syrian regime, and its leader, Nayef Hawatmeh, lives in Syria.

I think George Galloway, John Wight and others who claim to side with both the Syrian regime and the Palestinians should visit the Palestinians in Lebanon and explain how wrong they are about the anti-imperialist champion Assad.

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