Adebolajo’s links with UAF

I don’t believe either of the recent posts on the UAF notes its connection with Michael Adebolajo, one of the Woolwich murderers.  According to this article he spoke at a rally organised by the UAF at Harrow Central Mosque back in 2009.

We are not scared of Kuffar … my brothers remain in your ranks and do not be scared of these filthy Kuffar.  They are pigs … Allah says they are worse than cattle.

It shouldn’t be left to the anti-Muslim far right to condemn such bigotry and hate.  The UAF publicity for this very event stated:

Racist bigots including the BNP-linked English Defence League and “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” are planning on holding an anti-Muslim protest outside Harrow Central Mosque on the evening of Friday 11 September. Unite Against Fascism has called a solidarity vigil in response to defend the mosque from racists and fascists.

Yet they seem happy to team up with people who seem quite as racist and fascist as the EDL.


I have seen elsewhere discussion about the precise relationship between Adebolajo’s speech and the UAF rally. It has been suggested that he was on the fringes of the event, so couldn’t be said to have an official involvement.  I’m quite happy to record that point, but I think if the positions were reversed, if a far right organisation had a deputy with views as troubling as Azad Ali, and attracted even a fringe, unofficial speaker who spoke with the kind of hatred you can see in the clip – then many would have no problem drawing inferences from this.

Hat tip: CEMB Forum

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