Being a Tattle-Tale on Threats and Hate Campaigns

Assessing single-event news reports as reflecting on the [deteriorating] moral fibre and emotional backbone of an entire nation strikes me as being fundamentally reactionary in nature. Back in February, Libby T asked whence came a thin skin in response to the decision by Julie Bailey of Cure the NHS to report NHS Mid Staffs ambulance paramedic, Murph Guest to the Police.

Bailey had launched her group in response to her 86 year old mother’s undignified death, and after garnering support for similarly affected families, an end result was of Mid Staffs NHS Trust being declared bankrupt. My personal view is that if a public sector worker is found to have willfully mistreated or denied care or essential assistance to someone assigned to them, then they should be subject to some form of prosecution.

In a Facebook comment directed at Bailey, Guest stated that “I hope you suffer a life threatening illness at night where you have to travel furthur than you should do because your local hospital is closed (your fault)”. This Libby T assessed as a clumsy expression of disapproval for Bailey’s effecting a policy change which Guest disapproved of, and poured scorn on her decision to contact the Police.

What threats would be sufficient to meet with disapproval? Having her business ruined, maybe?

Guest avoided criminal prosecution, but was sacked for gross misconduct and faces being struck-off.

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