Harry Fear Isn’t Welcome in Palestine

This is a guest post by Harvela

Looks like intrepid reporter and Palestine activist Harry Fear did not fare too well at the Islamic University of Gaza recently. It’s no wonder as (at 2.12 in) Fear makes the bizarre assertion that the female students, because they were wearing the Hijab, probably did not support the concept of Freedom of Speech. Not the way to win an audience over Harry, especially in Gaza.

Scroll to 24 mins as the students prepare to protest. It appears that the Palestinians are sick of ‘internationalists ‘setting the agenda and narrative of the Palestinians’ rather than merely providing an echo chamber for the resistance . Mariam Barghouti has more to say on the subject here. Click on the link ‘original location of blog’ for the BTL comments. Here is one comment emphasising the point about ‘Right On’ Palestinian solidarity activists such as Harry Fear .

Layla on April 19, 2013 at 12:12 am

Thank you so much for this absolutely essential article. It is so timely it is uncanny as amongst several pro-Palestinian activists we were discussing some of the issues that you raised based on the recent emergence of a certain Harry Fear, as well as other self-indulgent and narcissistic characters. He is violating every single one of the principles you have outlined with a view to arising to quick fame, and, disgracefully suggesting he can give a voice to the people of the OPTs. I am in the process of trying to see if someone can present him your article, and only hope that he reads it and is humbled. Yet again, I am truly grateful for this succinct and deeply honest useful article.

Asa Winstanley expresses his concerns about Harry Fear here.

So there we have it. Internationalists as self indulgent narcissistic characters. As if we needed a Gaza university protest to tell us that.

Finally, here is Electronic Intifada

“Are you enjoying filming our misery? Film: it’s fine, you are like the others. You show up in the camp, film, leave, and we are still here.”

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