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Golden Dawn: shouts of ‘Heil Hitler’ and an ultimatum for Greece’s Muslims

Golden Dawn has been in the headlines again this week. One of its MPs, Panayiotis Iliopoulos, was accused of shouting ‘Heil Hitler’ in Parliament.

Now it is being reported that the party has published a letter issuing a sinister ultimatum to Muslims.

In a letter sent via post to the Muslim Association of Greece yesterday, extremist-right party Golden Dawn threatened Muslims in Greece with bloodshed giving them a month time to evacuate the country.

According to the hard copy of the letter obtained by, Golden Dawn gives Muslims of Greece until June 30 to evacuate the country or else they will start ‘butchering Muslims like chicken’. The threat appears authentic as the logo of the party was printed on the letter.

The fascist party is supported by 11.5% of Greeks according to a recent poll.

Update: Golden Dawn has apparently denied the letter has anything to do with them.

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