Roseanne and Atzmon [UPDATE]

In a recent post, Tony Greenstein explained that his mission has now essentially come to an end because Gilad Atzmon who had formerly been ‘running wild over the solidarity movement’ had now been reined in, ‘except at the fringes’.  Greenstein also asserts that

In 2012, a holocaust denier Frances Clarke-Lowes [sic] was expelled from PSC to the fury of the Zionists and Harry’s Place.

This seems a curious characterisation of the HP coverage of this event.  Here’s my own post for example. A bit grudging maybe, but hardly furious. If Atzmon’s influence has indeed been kept in check by the PSC, then that is also something to be welcomed – even though a quick search of this site reveals there is still plenty to object to in the movement.

However Atzmon is still finding people to promote, not just his music, but his ideas.  Tonight, for example, he will perform at a concert hosted by Roseanne Barr, and we learn from this site that:

Roseanne first met Gilad at the Levantine Cultural Center on Leap Year, 2012, but the two have shared progressive world views for years via the Net. (Atzmon’s US tour is being prominently puffed over on Counterpunch as well.)

Several people have tried to persuade Roseanne that Atzmon is bad news – without success. She has over 200,000 followers on Twitter, all being told that opponents of Atzmon – a group which includes people with dramatically different views on Israel of course – are liars (and perhaps victims of that ‘Jewish mind control’ problem she was fretting about last year.)  I pointed her in the direction of the Electronic Intifada’s denunciation of Atzmon signed by several Palestinian activists – and I note that Atzmon is too much even for Joseph Massad – and received a sharp response which has since been deleted.

Update: This is is how the Levantine Center, the venue for the concert, responded to criticism

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